Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nadi's Sexy Shoe and Sock Removal Video

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is from the super sexy Nadi sitting on some brick stairs at the park with a nice pair of white sneakers on.

Nadi begins this video by taking off her right shoe and wiggling her toes in her socks.

Nadi then removes her left shoe, showing you some gleaming white socks.

She even puts her feet together and wiggles her toes for you.

Then comes the socks... starting with the left foot Nadi removes her sock and lets you check out her sexy bare toes and tops of feet... Nadi then takes off her right sock to show off her amazing bare feet.

I get some nice close-ups of her toes and then she extends her legs and shows off her smooth soles.

After more toe-wiggling I get right in front and Nadi does some amazing foot stacking, revealing her awesome arches!

Nadi then switches out and does more foot stacking with her other feet.

Nadi then wrinkles her her soles and spreads her toes for you while I get some amazing close-ups of her toes and feet.

Nadi then ends this amazing video with some barefoot rubbing, one bare foot on top of the other.

This is a very sensual and sexy outdoor barefoot video from a very cute and beautiful barefoot girl!

Here are some previews...

Yes, Nadi is a foot girl... She loves feet... Her own and other womens feet too.

Nadi is not only fun to be around, but her love of female feet really comes through in her videos and photosets... She's always smiling and ready to have fun when it comes to getting those toes out of shoes and socks off her feet...

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You'll be glad you checked it out!

Talk to you soon,



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Blogger joker said...

Love those soles and toes! I think they need a good tickling!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Adam Lewis said...

And a good licking sucking and sniffing

4:28 PM  

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