Friday, July 03, 2009

Coming This Week to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

This week the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website has more great updates and more exciting bare feet to share with you... and yes, this week it's a another amazing video and sexy photoset!

First off, on Tuesday, it's a video from Dominique... Watch as Dominique sits on the park table and slowly removes her white leather sandals for you... savor each moment as her toes drape out from the leather and fall into the warm summer air.

Then, Dominique puts her feet up and shows off her long and smooth soles, followed by some toe-spreading and sole wrinkling!

Dominique is one of my most requested models and once you see her slip out of her white leather sandals in this SEXY video, you'll know why...

Check out this screen cap from the video... this is the sexy part where she's rubbing her feet together for you...

Next, it's the photoset that you've been waiting for!

On Thursday you'll get to add the super lanky Ashley modeling with Dominique into your personal collection of foot fetish memorabilia!

This one is a keeper and if you like those two girls photosets that show off all twenty toes and four soles, you are in for a treat!

Here's a quick preview of them showing off both feet in a foot stacking position... Talk about nothing to hide! :)

Yes, both the Dominique video and this sexy two-girl photoset are this week's Beautiful Barefoot Girls updates... and if you are already a member of the site you've already downloaded all the Dominique photosets and all the Ashley videos I'm sure...

But if you're NOT a member of my site yet, you should really consider joining...


Not only do you get these updates but you'll have instant access to 154 videos and 14,148 photos spread over 418 galleries! Whew! That's enough to make anyone's female foot fetish collection SWELL!!

Anyway, when you're ready to suck up all your bandwidth with some sexy toes, amazing arches and sexy female feet, check out my site here:

You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you tomorrow!



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