Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simone and Davy Share Soles and Toes Together!

Here is a wonderful Beautiful Barefoot Girls photoset that showcases the majestic feet of both Simone and Davy.

They are already barefoot and sitting on the bed, ready to share their naturally attractive bare feet with you.

After some nice top of feet shots where they show off all ten of their toes, both girls lift their heels and show

off their smooth and sexy soles in an awesome foot stacking position.

Next, Simone and Davy get closer together in the middle of the best and start rubbing their bare feet together.

This eventually gives way to an ocean of toes and soles all being loved together.

Enjoy this sexy barefoot photoset that showcases two Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

Check out these previews...

Both Simone and Davy are a joy to shoot... but together they are super fun.

They are always cracking jokes and laughing because they are very down-to-earth girls who love to be barefoot.

But what the like more than being barefoot is sharing their naturally attractive soles, toes and arches with you.

Simone and Davy have a TON of videos and photosets on my site... and there is literally only one place on the web

where you can get them...

It's here:


You'll be glad you checked it out!

Talk to you soon,


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