Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ashley Shares Her Long Soles and Lanky Toes... Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Here is Ashley wearing a pair of beat-up, gray flip-flops while sitting underneath a large tree.

Watch as she slowly wiggles herself out of her flip-flops and lays her long and lanky feet out into the root of the tree.

Her blue toenail polish really shows against the natural dirt from the tree, but make no mistake, this Beautiful Barefoot Girl will do whatever it takes to please you.

Ashley then lifts up her heels to show off her smooth and sexy soles.

This is quickly followed by some nice sole-wrinkling and some close-up pictures of her amazing toes.

Enjoy this wonderful outdoor photoset from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl.

Ashley was a way fun girl to shoot because she knows she's hot... and she loves it when others enjoy her wonderful body.

In this case, she wasn't shy about shedding those shoes and showing her soles.

Once we got into it, she was really excited... she talked about different positions she could put her feet and what she loves to feel when a guy (or another girl) shows her some foot love.

Check out all of Ashley's sensual feet videos and photosets on my site by going here:


You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,


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