Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Alisha's Sexy Soles in the Sunshine!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the long and lanky Alisha, already barefoot and sitting in the park on a Summer Day.

She knows what you want and is ready to give it to you. Watch as she starts off in THE POSE, with both of her slender and slim bare feet thrown up behind her.

After some really nice close-ups and some side shots that really show off the naturally attractive shape of her arch, Alisha puts her legs down and stretches out, showing how long and beautiful her feet really are.

She then brings her legs up and crosses her feet at her ankles, again showing off her amazing arches!

She then sits up and shows off her smooth and sexy soles by throwing them right into your face.

Enjoy this awesome photoset from a long and lanky Cute Barefoot Girl.

Check out these previews...


Alisha is a fun girl to shoot because she really GETS why we love feet...

And, on top of that, she's got some amazingly thin and slender attractive feet herself!

Yes, this barefoot babe loves being outside and loves to be bare foot... but most of all she love to show off her sexy feet, soles and toes with you.

Check out this exclusive photoset here:


Talk to you soon,



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