Monday, July 01, 2013

Public Soles and Toe Tickling Kait's Cute Bare Feet

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the petite and VERY attractive Kait.

Her feet are small and super cute.

She starts out already barefoot, sitting in the grass and ready for some tickling fun.

Our resident photographer jumps right in and puts her legs up on his knee.

He starts off slow rubbing the bottoms of her feet with his fingers.

She begins to laugh a little bit and tries to kick her feet away, but that just only gets his grip tighter.

Soon he is pressing harder and tickling faster, causing Kait to burst out into laughter.

That just pushes him to tickle her even more and the real giggling and kicking begins!

She literally begins to cry from laughing so much while getting her feet tickled.

He then moves on to the tops of her feet and she only gets a little more relief before bursting into more giggling.

If you love girls with their ankles restrained in public places being tickled, you are going to love this video from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl.

You can barely see her face in this video, but you will enjoy her bare feet and laughing.

There is only one place to download this fun public tickling video... it's here:

Talk to you soon


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