Monday, December 09, 2013

Kayla Shares Her Bare Feet in the Park doing THE POSE

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the lovely Kayla, already barefoot and excited to share more of her attractive and sexy bare feet with you. 

She starts off this fun photoset in THE POSE, with her bare feet up in the air behind her body. 

After some nice close-ups of the tops of her feet and toes, Kayla puts her feet down and lets us see the smooth bottoms of her toes and her sexy soles. 

She then sits up and throws her legs out in front of her, putting her feet up on the arm-rest of the bench and gripping the handle with her toes! 

She ends this great photoset with some foot stacking where she shows off the entire length of both of her smooth soles at one time. 

There is only one place that you can partake of Kayla's soles and toes... it's at

When you get Kayla's pretty feet, petite toes and sexy soles in your private collection, it will be complete. :)

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