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03/10/06 Newsletter: 3 Secret Techniques To Pampering Precious Peds

Here's the Friday, March 10th Newsletter !!

Enjoy !!

3 Secret Techniques To Pampering Precious Peds
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In the last Newsletter I offered some suggestions

about how to to talk to your female friend about your

foot fetish.

I hope that was helpful for you... I got some

REALLY positive feedback...

So... in this Newsletter I am going to offer some

suggestions about what to do when you are there...

When you've got the point in your 'relationship'

with her where she's comfortable with you touching

her bare feet...

Again, I should mention two things...

First off, these are suggestions and not advice...

each of your female friends is different and unique...

It's up to you to assess the situation and do what's

appropriate... remember, if you respect the female

feet you are more apt to get MORE! LOL!

Always leave a gal with a POSITIVE experience

and you are probably going to be asked to come


Secondly remember that "no" means "no"...

if a woman says "stop" or doesn't want you to

touch her, you NEED TO STOP... if you don't

you're bound to get into trouble, which is no good!

So, now that we have "business" out of the way,

let's get to it... here are three techniques about how

to please the foot gals...

Secret #1 - The Hard/Soft Technique

If you are rubbing a girls feet, start off slow and

kind of hard... not like you're trying to hurt her, but

more like you want to AVOID tickling...

Most girls will tell you they are ticklish... and before

they've had a chance to get used to your touch they

probably are!

And you can respect that by starting to rub their

feet harder at first... then start stroking them more


Look at her reaction... does she have her eyes

closed and enjoying it? Or is she staring back at you

and laughing because it's tickling...

If it seems like you're tickling her, start to rub harder

until she gets more used to your hands being on

her feet.

Oh yeah, and it NEVER hurts to ask her how she

feels! LOL! If you ask her in a very "laid back" kind of

way, she is more apt to share with you her feelings...

keep that in mind!

Secret #2 - Blowing On Her Toes

Girls are all about FEELINGS... and one way that

you can add some intense feeling to a good foot rub

are to blow slowly on her toes...

If you kind of start to blow from the back of your

throat and start with really warm air, chances are she'll

start to get a rush...

This might tickle her at first, but that's okay...

Also, make sure that you pause in-between blowing

on her toes, so that each time you do it the feeling gets

more intense...

Remember, this is all about the EXPERIENCE for

HER, not you! If you "mentally" remove yourself out of the

equation and focus on her you are going to be a KING in

her book!

Secret #3 - The Palm Technique

Here's another favorite of mine...

As you are rubbing a girls feet, open your hand

flat and lay the palm of your hand against the arch

of her foot.

Then, with equal placement of pressure, slowly

push your hand over her arch and grab her toes with

your fingers...

The real secret here is to make it one fluid motion.

It might take some practice to get this "perfect", but

if she's comfortable with you I am sure she won't mind!

This way, it not only tells her that you know what

you are doing, but it feels good... if you can really

master this technique, it will almost make her foot

numb so that she doesn't know where you are

going to touch her next... this is great, especially

if you wanted to work your way to rubbing in-between

her toes or starting to massage the tops of her feet.

So there ya go... 3 secret techniques of what you can

do with a female foot friend who enjoys having her feet


And hey, if you have some techniques of your own

you'd like to share with me... please send me an email...

I really value feedback and appreciate "real world"

advice just like you do!


In addition to sharing techniques and suggestions with

you, I like to share pictures too...

Here's an unreleased photo of Lindsay... one of our

our "top models"....

Here's today's zero-cost picture:

Ah yes, Lindsay and her LONG feet...

If you have an original picture you'd like to share

with this list, please email me at:

I'd love to pass it along...


This week I got some positive feedback about

Hannah... She's not only a sweetheart, but she's got

some SUPER SEXY feet... and I'm glad I could share

her wonderful pictures with you...

As I am sure you saw this week, I released another

Jules video... and I am working with Jules to get

her to come back and model some more... If you are

a fan of Jules, write me and I'll send along some fan

mail to her... She LOVES to get Fan Mail!

Tomorrow I am going to be uploading another

set of Hannah pictures... This is the first of two parts

of another photo set... in this one she displays some

really SEXY open-toed shoes, slowly removes them

for you, and then let's you explore her cute feet...

You won't want to miss this one! It's really HOT!

You can check out Hannah's latest sets and Jules

latest video here:

Talk to you again soon,


P.S. If you have a cool foot story that you'd like
to share, I'd love to print it in a Newsletter.

I promise to leave your REAL name out of the mail!

It can be about ANYTHING cool you want to share
with me. I really want to build an internet
community where female feet are worshipped the way
they SHOULD be!

You can write me at:

Please don't hit "reply" to this Newsletter.


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