Monday, March 20, 2006

Female Foot Fetish Update

Hey Foot Fans!

I got the update to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls
site up a bit on the later side... but let me tell you,
it's worth the wait... LOL!

The update is with Jamie... a really gorgeous
gal who has FANTASTIC FEET... She's wearing
a purple top and some really cute jeans... It's a
great mixture of both sole and toe shots...

Here's a preview:

Of course, the images are much bigger on the

There were SO MANY pictures I had to break
the photo set up... The second half of this is coming
tomorrow... and don't worry, there are almost 50
brand new pictures in this ORIGINAL photoset...

And Jamie's exclusive... she doesn't model her
feet for anyone else...

So, if you like what you see, check out my main
site... I know that you'll love it:

Beautiful Barefoot Girls


Talk to you soon,



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