Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Foot Fetish Newsletter: Toe Tasting Foot Fun!

Hey Fellow Foot Fans -

I sent a Newsletter today that's got a SUPER SEXY foot story in it... and best of all it's a TRUE story!

If you aren't already subscribed to the Newsletter, you can go here to subscribe: Barefoot Experience... and once you've subscribed, you get access to some FREE PICTURES...

But if you want to read the Newsletter, go HERE... I posted it on my site.

We're inbetween updates today on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website, and yesterday's update was AWESOME! Jamie's got some really SEXY and SMOOTH soles... if you didn't see her bare feet in yesterdays update, you should really check it out...

And if you haven't downloaded all the free preview pics from my site, you really should... and if you want to increase your PERSONAL female foot photo collection by over 2000 ORIGINAL pictures and get some videos too go here to sign up: Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

Talk to you soon,


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