Saturday, March 25, 2006

New & Free Updates for Foot Fetish Sites

Yo Fellow Female Foot Fans –

Today I’ve updated TWO of my sites… The first update is to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website. It’s another GREAT video of Hannah. This time, she puts her bare feet on the coffee table, wiggles her toes, rubs her feet together and lets you check out her arches... Here's a picture of her sexy feet:

As you can tell, Hannah's feet are SUPER SEXY! This is the last video I have of Hannah, so you should really check it out. Click HERE to check out the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website

The next update is to one of my free sites… I put up a handful of new pictures on the Barefoot Experience site. Not only do you get some free pics of CUTE FEET, you can sign up for my Newsletter... it's FREE and always will be!

Talk to you soon,


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