Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Natural Nancy and Foot Fetish Videos

Yes! Another busy day on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

First off... today's update is HOT! It's more of the SEXY Nancy and her natually PERFECT Feet... she starts off under a tree with both feet on top of each other, getting them slightly dirty... then she lays in the grass and gives you "the pose"...

Also, I wanted to mention some new functionality I found on the site... you can now SUBSCRIBE to certain users... Why is this cool? Well, it now gives you the ability to be alerted when a new video is uploaded from someone you know... like ME... and the Beautiful Barefoot Girls! LOL!

To sign up for this free notification, login to Click on "My Subscriptions" up on top and in the "Subscribe To User" box type in "BoyBohemian". When you hit the "Subscribe" button, that's it! Pretty easy, huh? And you can get alerted to all my video updates!

Oh yeah, and if you haven't read my latest Newsletter you really should... the URL is in yesterday's Blog entry.

Talk to you soon!



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