Friday, July 07, 2006

Fantastic Friday Art Feet From Nancy

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is a RARE TREAT!

It's all about Nancy's ART FEET...

I was able to get underneath her when she was sitting on this large modern sculpture... and the shots I got were INCREDIBLE... The way the light hits her feet and you see the outline of her bare toes and the shape of her feet is SUPER Sexy...

Check out how the clear blue sky background wraps itself around her BEAUTIFUL BARE FEET... How yummy is this??

And see how the light illuminates her body... while still letting her barefeet stick out... I LOVE her soles!

And then I was able to get some NICE toe shots... Check out how her toes fall together in a naturally PERFECT pattern!!

If you think these are good pictures you are going to LOVE the entire set...

This set, along with literally HUNDREDS others are available on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... I currently have over 3600 original images and many videos waiting to join your personal female foot fetish collection!

Have a WONDERFUL Friday and I'll talk with you tomorrow!



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