Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fireworks and Feet on the Fourth!

Happy 4th of July Foot Lovers -

What did you think of the Barefoot Betty update on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls site?? Pretty HOT, huh? Betty is one of those unique and special barefoot gals who loves her feet and loves to show them off!

Well, today's update is a KILLER one!

It's on the Sexy Barefoot Girls website... and it's a special video because it's 100% exclusive... this doesn't appear on any other of my sites... AND, it's BRAND NEW... from a photo set I did last week.

This video is also on YouTube... so if you've already subscribed to my YouTube account you should have got a notice...

Who says I don't lova ya??

Anyway, check out the Nancy video... and the rest of the Sexy Barefoot Girls website....

Once you're done downloading ALL the FREE CONTENT, check out my main site... My main site is Beautiful Barefoot Girls... It's a HUGE site with a repository of literally thousands of pictures and tons of videos!

Have a GREAT fourth... watch some fireworks and some bare feet!

Love it!

Talk to you soon,



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