Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jamie's Wednesday Barefoot Park Experience!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls website update is the wonderful "TOP MODEL" Jamie... She's one of those girls who is just so PERFECT you'd die! :)

In today's update, she starts out BARE FOOT... Let's you explore her soles and toes... and ends the session BARE FOOT!

Check out Jamie laying in the green, soft grass...

Then it's some SUPER SEXY pictures of those TOES...

And then it's on to exploring her SMOOTH, PERFECT SOLES...

And Jamie is one of those gals that ALL the Beautiful Barefoot Girls try to emulate...

Beautiful Barefoot Girls now has over 3700 ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE images...meaning that these are those bare feet that you will not find ANYWHERE ELSE on the internet...

These are those incredibly CUTE and SEXY Bare Feet that you see EVERYDAY around you, only here they are glorified! Beautiful Barefoot Girls is THE PLACE for Photos, Videos and even DVD's and Shoes!

Check it out for yourself:


Talk to you soon,



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