Monday, September 11, 2006

Getting Over The Monday Blues With A Sexy Foot Rub

Hey -

I hope you had a good weekend... I'm back with
another GREAT Beautiful Barefoot Girls update
to help you get back into the "Monday Groove"...

Today's update is Jamie and Jessica giving each
other a SEXY Foot Rub on the futon... 'nuff said! LOL!

Check out some preview pictures...

Combined, Jamie and Jessica have literally
HUNDREDS of photos together and seperately
as well..

They are definately two of our "Top Models"
on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

The Beautiful Barefoot Girls website is a place for
Foot Fetish purists... with TONS of Photos, Videos
and even DVD's and Shoes for sale, the Beautiful
Barefoot Website contains only ORIGINAL and
EXCLUSIVE images...

These are pictures and videos that you will NOT
find anywhere else... if you want to quickly
TURBO-BOOST your private collection of female
foot photos and videos, check out Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

Check it out here:

Talk to you soon,



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