Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Heather's Outdoor Barefoot Fun!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the
WONDERFUL Heather on a park bench...

This photo set starts off with Heather in very
cute Sun Dress, showing off her already BARE

She starts with some tops of her feet and toe
shots, and then pulls her feet up and lets you
check out her smooth soles...

I then get some nice face and sole shots along
with some VERY SEXY close-ups...

Heather is a BEAUTIFUL gal with some INCREDIBLE

Check out some free preview pictures...

And LOVE the Sun Dress!

And what a GREAT Sole Shot!!

Yes, the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website has TONS, quite
literally HUNDEREDS of pictures of Heather and her ULTRA
SEXY Feet...

If you like Heather's BARE FEET, you are going to love all
the models on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... with over
4900 ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE images, and even VIDEO,
the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website is a MUST for those
Female Foot Fetish Purists...

Check it out here:

Talk to you soon,



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