Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jessica's Bare Feet Help You Get Back To The Grind!

Happy Tuesday Barefoot Lovers -

If you got to take Labor Day off from work, I hope you
had a GREAT DAY! I know those three day weekends
can be AWESOME!

Here is a GREAT way to get back into the "grind"...

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update comes from the
lovely Jessica... She really is one of the favorites on my site
and after you check out her SEXY and PERFECT Feet
you'll understand why! LOL!

Watch as she sits in a dress on the floor, starting off with
her feet firmly planted on the ground, allowing you to check
out her toes and the tops of her feet...

Then she points her feet straight up in the air so you can
SAVOR over her smooth soles...

This photo set also has some body shots as well...

Enjoy some preview pictures...

And if you like what you see, this whole set isavailable
NOW on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

And if you are into Jessica's SUPER SEXY Bare feetI
should mention that she has literally HUNDREDS and
HUNDREDS of ORIGINAL photos on my site...

There is a reason why I keep asking Jessica to
comeback, and it REALLY shows...

Check out my site here:


Talk to you soon,



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