Sunday, September 03, 2006

More Monica and SEXY Large Feet!

Happy Sunday Female Foot Lovers -

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the WONDERFUL
Monica and a video of her LARGE and SEXY Feet!

In this video Monica sits on a picnic table with her
sandals on and slowly takes each foot out, one by one...
letting you examine her bare feet from ALL angles.

Then she rubs her bare feet with her hands and points
her toes toward the sky so you can check out her NICE soles!

After I zoom in for a quick close-up, its on to the tops of her
feet and her toes... Then Monica spreads her toes apart
showing how far her toes can spread. Finally, she rubs her
bare feet together! This is a GREAT video from a SUPER
SEXY Barefoot Gal!

Check out some screen captures...

Yes, Monica is one of the SEXY Beautiful Barefoot Girls...

One of the MANY gals on my website with those SUPER CUTE
and PERFECT Feet...

I have over hours worth of videos and 4600 ORIGINAL
images on my site... for a SAFE, SECURE and PRIVATE
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Talk to you soon,



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