Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lier's Petite Punk Feet in a New Barefoot Photoset!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is our FAVORITE Petite Punk Lier in another GREAT barefoot photoset...

She starts this session already barefoot and leaning up against a wall...

Lier then finds a pipe sticking out of the building and lays on it to show off her SMOOTH SOLES!

I then get in front of her and take some AWESOME Top-of-Feet shots that show off her tattoos...

Its another GREAT photoset from a SEXY Barefoot girl!

There is really something SEXY about those petite feet...
Especially when they come attached to someone as cute and SEXY as Lier!
Lier is actually Monica's friend and was recommended by Monica to do a photoshoot for you!
And Lier fits right in here at the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website!
She's one of the "instant barefoot girlfriends" that you'll find on my site... Those virtual women who let you do ANYTHING you want with their feet!
When you're ready to add over 10, 400 ORIGINAL images to your personal collection of bare feet pictures you're gonna wanna check out my site...
I've got the kind of pictures you LOVE... Pics of Bare Feet, Toes, Soles, Arches and toe sucking!
But hey, don't just take MY word for it...
Check it out for yourself here:
You'll be glad you did!
Talk to you soon!

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