Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tara's Toes in a New Video!

Hey Foot Lovers -

Todays Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is a video from Tara...

With her Exotic Eyes and her SENSUAL and FANTASTIC FEET, she defines the Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Watch as she sits on the sofa and removes her slipper sandals for you...

Then, when she is completely barefoot she puts her feet up and shows you her SMOOTH SOLES...

Then she does some FOOT STACKING so you can see both of her arches in a tower of bare feet!

Tara then wiggles her toes for you and lets me get some nice close-ups of her bare feet.

Finally, Tara rubs her feet together in a sexy display of how wonderful the female feet can be.

Enjoy this first video from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Tara is one of those girls who I'm proud to introduce you to...

She's really cute, literally a professional model and has those cute, naturally attractive bare feet that we know and LOVE!

Tara fits right in with the rest of the Beautiful Barefoot Girls on my site...

And trust me, this video is one that you are going to want for your personal collection!

Talk to you soon,


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