Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Destne's Grassy Soles! New Photoset!

In today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update Destne starts by laying on the soft, warm grass already barefoot and in the pose!

Watch as I get some nice close-ups of her soles, along with some great side shots that show her arch.

I then get behind Destne and get some top of foot shots with her still in the pose.

Finally, she sits up and after some more cute top of feet shots she wiggles her toes a bit... another beautiful barefoot girl in a natural setting... love it!

Check out these previews...

The thing that makes Destne attractive is her naturalness...

And what I mean by that is that her feet are naturally attractive!

Sure, she takes care of them and loves the feeling of being barefoot, but it's that laid-back, down to earth attitude that really makes Destne a true Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Enjoy Destne and all her barefoot photosets and videos on my site....

Talk to you soon,


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