Thursday, July 03, 2008

Destne's Sexy Sandal Removal! New Video!

Today's Sexy Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is from Destne...

Watch as Destne sits on the back porch in her funky sport sandals.

She quickly removes them to show you her curvy arches and her long toes...

After flexing her foot to show off each and every inch, she removes her other sandal, making her completely barefoot in the warm summer sun.
Destne then puts her feet together and wiggles her toes for you. She then places them down flat on the deck and lets the sun warm the tops of her toes followed quickly by showing off her smooth and dirty soles.
Destne then does some foot stacking, showing off the majesty of both her arches for you. I even get some nice side-angle shots that really show her curvy arches.

Destne then wrinkles her soles while still doing some foot stacking... finally, I end the video with some close-ups of her long and lankey toes with a quick toe-spreading shot as well...
Destne is a Beautiful Barefoot Girls website favorite and once you see this video you'll know why!

Check out all of Destne's photosets and videos on my site!
Talk to you soon and have a GREAT 4th!

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