Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Destne Removes Her Funky Socks... New Video!

Watch Destne sitting on the park bench as she shows off her funky tie-dyed socks in her sandals....

Watch as she slowly removes them to reveal her sexy bare feet.

Starting with her left foot she pulls down the crazy sock and lets me zoom in to show off her toes and her purple toenail polish.

She then proceeds to remove her right sock and streches her feet out in the warm summer sun.

Destne then puts her feet into a nice foot stacking position and get a nice shot right from the top, showing off her long and slender arches and soles.

Destne then puts her feet flat on the bench and grabs the edge with her toes, all the while wiggling them for your pleasure.

To end the video Destne really arches her feet and I get a nice side shot of her arches...

This is another amazing video from a Sexy Barefoot Girl!

Here are some quick vid-caps...

Destne is a cute and petite girl who has some very slender feet...

She's exactly the kind of girl for the foot stacking position that we love so well because her arches are so defined...

If you like those slender and petite feet, along with tiny toes and amazing arches, Destne is going to blow you away... You can check out all of Destne's videos and pictures on my site.

Talk to you soon,


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