Monday, September 15, 2008

Kaycee's Shoe Removal in the Park! New Video!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is another sexy video from Kaycee...

Watch as the uber-Cute Kaycee sits on a sexy little dress in the grass...

Kaycee starts off this video with her legs outstretched and wearing some really cute black leather shoes...

She starts off with a sexy shoe removal, like her feet are ready to jump out of these leather pumps...

Kaycee starts with her left foot and, without any hands, removes her foot and slowly rubs them on the waiting grass...

Kaycee then removes her right foot from the black pump, again with no hands!

After both bare feet are out in the open air she wiggles her toes slowly for you and I get some nice close ups.

She then puts her feet up and shows you her sexy soles, followed by more toe wiggling and sole wrinkling from the soles up position!

I have her hold her sole-wrinkling position and get more nice close-ups and then Kaycee goes into a foot stacking position to show off the literal majesty of her bare arches!

Then she rubs her feet together for you in a sensual array of caressing her peds!

Kaycee and her shapely, petite feet are amazing to be around and even more amazing to shoot!

Check out these preview screen-caps...

Kaycee is a fun girl to be around... and she's even more fun to shoot!

This Beautiful Barefoot Girl fits right in with the other models on my site because she love to be barefoot and enjoys the expression of shoes and removing them!

Kaycee is a petite girl with some slender feet that are going to blow you away!

Enjoy all of Kaycee's barefoot photosets and sandal removal videos on my site...

Talk to you soon,


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