Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ania's Sexy Shoe Removal Video!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the first video from Ania...

Ania is a true Beautiful Barefoot Girl who love to show off those sexy and cute feet for you. Ania starts this great video by sitting on the park table in her shoes and socks...

Watch as she begins with a smile and the camera slowly pans down to her shoes and socks. After showing off her feet in her shoes and socks she starts by slowly untying her left foot...

She pulls out her foot and lets her sock take over! Ania then unlaces her right foot and slowly removes her foot.

I get some nice close-ups of her socks as she wiggles her toes for you. Ania then starts with her right foot and slowly removes her sock for you.

I get some more nice close-ups of the tops of her right foot...

Then she does the same with the left foot and lays her feet against the bench...

After some toe-wiggling I get some great close-ups of her toes, followed by Ania showing her soles and letting me get some amazing close-ups.

Ania then wrinkles her soles and toes for you and I get this from several angles...

Ania then does some foot stacking, where she shows off the literal majesty of her arched and curvy feet.

I focus on her toes and heels after she switches feet and does even more sexy foot stacking for you, along with some great toe-wiggling!

More close-ups are followed by some very natural sole shots and some great toe-pointing.

This is an amazing video from a very sexy and amazing Barefoot Girl!

Check out these screen caps...

Ania really is amazing... and there is nothing like seeing these bare feet emerge from her tennis shoes and show the world FREEDOM!

If you are a fan of Ania, you NEED this for your collection... It's one of the sexiest and cutest videos I've done with a true Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Talk to you soon,


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