Saturday, October 04, 2008

Brandi's Barefoot Park Video!

Here is Brandi in another very sexy barefoot video...

Brandi starts off this video sitting in the park, already barefoot and smiling!

I let the camera slowly slide over her amazing body and eventually make it to her white feet sitting against the warm grass...

I then get right down on top of her feet and she spreads out her petite toes for you and I get some nice close-ups.

Brandi then puts her legs out straight to show off her very smooth soles.

Then Brandi wrinkles her soles nice and tight. As I get some great shots from the front.

I then get behind her to show off the tops of her toes as she keeps her soles wrinkled...

Brandi then gets into a foot stacking position where I get some nice shots of the full length of her soles.

Brandi then puts her feet down and does a slow and sexy foot rub, rubbing the bottom of her foot against the tops of her other foot.

I then get in front of her and she puts her legs out straight again, showing off her soles.

Brandi then spreads her toes for you...

This is another great barefoot video from a Sexy Barefoot Girl!

Check out these great screen-caps...

Brandi is fun, flirty and yes, a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

This amazing Yoga instructor is not only a model, but a true foot lover too!

Brandi has the smile, the toes and the attitude that you want, not covering up any of those amazing soles, arches or tops of her feet for you at all... nothing but naked feet in the warm, late summer air.

Enjoy all of Brandi's pictures and videos on my site...

Talk to you soon,


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