Thursday, November 27, 2008

Whits Wonderful Outdoor Bare Feet!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is from the newcomer Whit...

Whit starts off this photoset on the park bench already barefoot...

She actually starts off in the Foot Stacking position, showing off her smooth and sexy soles...

After some nice pictures from the front and from the side, Whit then lays on the park bench in THE POSE and throws her feet behind her, showing her cute and petite bare feet to the world.

Watch Whit smile as she shoes off those naked toes to the rest of the park!

I get some nice close-ups of the bottoms of her toes as well as some nice foot rubbing pictures... Enjoy more petite feet from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Check out these previews...

Whit is one in a million... and the cool thing is that she's naturally a Beautiful Barefoot Girl...

When I first met her she was super eager to share her bare soles, toes and arches with the world... and when I got her in front of the camera, she knew exactly what to do!

I asked her if she'd modeled before and she said that she hadn't, which really suprised me!

If you like those petite and small feet, Whit is the girl for you!

Check out all her photosets and videos on my site.

Talk to you soon,


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