Monday, January 26, 2009

Coming This Week to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

This week on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website I've got some updates that are going to REALLY get you going!

First off, it's a continuation of the last Ania set that I posted on Thursday... That's right, it' "part two" from that AMAZING ANIA, the girl with the perfect feet... as you'll recall, she took off her shoes and socks very slowly for you last time... and now she's completely barefoot on the bench ready to show off those slenders toes and soles...

Check out this cute foot stacking and smile picture... isn't see a goddess??

And I know that you're dying to see more of her!

Well, on Tuesday it's comin'! Get Ready!

Next, I wanted to revisit an orange room set from Lier... You'll remember our resident Punk Rock Princess with the Petite Soles and Toes?? I mean, hey, who could forget this Beautiful Barefoot Girl??

This photoset has lots of those cute top of feet shots, really showing off her tattoos and her black toenail polish!

Lier is one of those tiny girls who has small, but curvy feet... and she's also an artist, so she really thinks differently... including about how she shares her toes, soles and arches with you. Here she puts both of her soles together to form a sexy "feet sandwich"... ha ha... cute, and VERY sexy...

It's a bit of everything on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website this week... But the one thing that's for sure is that there are plenty of bare feet, bare soles and bare toes for everyone to enjoy.

I also have a Newsletter this week... and it's a good one! Not only are there more free pictures of bare female feet, I finally come good on my "new years" challenge... Stay tuned for that one! In fact, you'll see it coming out on Thursday.

Also, if you haven't checked out my Clips4Sale site recently, you really should... There are tons of Ania clips there that are available for instant download! It's another way to quickly enjoy those soles, toes and feet from the Beautiful Barefoot Girls that you know and love! Enjoy!

Talk to you soon,



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