Thursday, March 26, 2009

Destne's Sexy Boot and Sock Removal! New Video!

Here is Destne sitting on the sofa wearing some large winter boots...

Watch as Destne proudly shows off her new boots.

She then takes them off, starting with her left foot to reveal some super cute striped socks!

Destne then throws her socks right into the camera to show off her toes and soles covered by these comfortable wool coverings!

After removing her second boot, Destne throws both socked feet on to the sofa and lets me get some nice video of both the bottoms of her socks and the tops of her feet, all the while wiggling her toes for you.

Destne then does some foot stacking for you, still keeping her feet in her socks.

Then, starting with her right foot, Destne pulls off her long sock to reveal her pale bare feet. Destne then waves hello with her toes and then immediately moves to her left sock.

Once both feet are totally bare Destne shoves her soles right into the camera and then places her feet, soles up, on the sofa.

Destne then spreads her toes and wrinkles her soles for you, all while I am underneath her leaving nothing hiding from these sexy bare feet...

Destne then smooths out her soles and does some nice barefoot foot stacking for you, switching out her feet and allowing me to pan slowly up and down the entire length of her long and slender arches...

Destne ends this sexy video by rubbing her feet together, one one top of the other. This is another great video from one of your favorite Beautiful Barefoot Girls.

Check out these screen caps...

Destne is a long and lanky girl who really enjoys showing off her bare feet, soles and toes for you...
She's always writing or texting me about some new boots, new socks or new shoes that she found and wants to share them with you.
As you saw in last weeks "sparkle shoes" removal video, Destne really has a flair for the uncommon... and talk about uncommon, this girls bare feet are literally amazing!
If you like those long and lanky toes and soles you are going to love all of Destne's videos and photosets...
They are all available on my site by going here:

Talk to you soon,


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