Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coming This Week to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

This week on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website it's more of the "new girls on the block!"

First up, it's Nadi... and this time she's wearing a slick and sexy suit.
In this photoset that coming on Tuesday, watch as she slowly removes her shoes and socks for you to reveal her fantastic feet and toes.
Check out this preview picture with her socks in a Foot Stacking position...

Next up is a super sexy new video from Dominique!
Yep, this is one of those GREAT videos where she takes off her flip-flops and lets you explore each and every inch of her bare feet, soles and toes!
If you haven't been to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website lately, you should really check it out soon... Especially if you want to get the new Nadi photoset and the very sexy Dominique video coming out this week...
There are over 13,780 original and exclusive pictures on the site, but that's not all....
And when it comes to those amazing feet in motion, I've got over 145 original videos too!
Not to mention tons of articles and stories about barefeet, being barefoot and why we love those wonderful soles and toes.
But hey, don't just take my word for it... Check it all out for yourself here:
You'll be glad you did!
Talk to you tomorrow with the Nadi update,

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