Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dominique's Sexy Flip-Flop Removal Video!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the sexy Dominique...

Watch as she sits on the park table smiling and wearing a pair of white flip flops.

I start this video by getting some nice shots of the tops of her feet and toes laying in her sandals. After I instruct her to wiggle her toes she begins her sexy removal of her shoes.

Dominique starts with her right foot and removes her sexy toes...

Then she moves on her left foot, wiggling her toes and taking off her flip-flop with her bare hand!

After placing her sandals over to the side I get some great close-ups of her toes and red toenail polish.

Dominique then sits back on the table, leans back and shows you her smooth and sexy soles.

Of course, I start off by getting some amazing close-ups as Dominique wiggles her toes, wrinkles up her soles and spreads her toes.

Dominique then moves on to some foot stacking, placing one foot on top of the other to showcase her naturally attractive arch.

Dominique then switches feet and I get some great close-ups on the bottoms of her toes as she continues to hold the foot stacking position.

Finally, Dominique then grabs the edge of the table with her toes and proceeds to do a sensual foot rub with her feet, one foot on top of the other in the sexy and slow way that you enjoy.

You are going to love this sexy barefoot girl and her amazing feet!

Check out these awesome screen-cap previews...

Dominique is a unique model...
She's very sensual and certainly not shy... and she's got a great curiosity about feet.

She's noticed that there have been more and more jobs for modeling, but no one has approached her for something like the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website.

And the cool thing is that once she got into it, she was really into it!

Turns out that she loves her feet and she really loves showing them off...

That being said, I think we're going to see alot of Dominique in the near future.

Talk to you soon,



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