Monday, June 01, 2009

Coming This Week to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

This week on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website it's more slender soles and sexy toes with Dominique and Ashley.

First off on Tuesday, it's a photoset from Dominique... In this photoset, Dominique starts off already barefoot sitting on the park bench. I get some more amazing close-ups of Dominique's awesome toes and she does some toe-spreading...

And then, she gets into THE POSE!

Here's a preview pic of some foot stacking... This also is in the photoset...

Then on Thursday it's the first video from Ashley!

Ashley starts off this video already barefoot and in THE POSE! In this very sexy video I get behind her and showcase her toes glowing in the sun along with lots of sole shots and some toe-wiggling and toe-spreading too!

Here's Ashley getting ready to show off her wonderful and sexy feet...

Also on Thursday you get another great Newsletter!

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Not only do you get instant access to 14,000 pictures in over 410 galleries and 151 videos that will blow you away, you also get these great Dominique and Ashley updates as they come out! I also have the great articles and stories that are posted on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website that discuss our love of female feet.

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