Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nadi's Sexy Shoe Removal Video!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is a video from Nadi...

Watch Nadi sitting outside on a park fence wearing some 50s leather shoes.

Watch as she pulls her feet up to let me check out her feet in her shoes.

Of course it doesn't take long to have her take off her shoes to reveal her slender feet in her socks.

Nadi wiggles her toes a bit after removing her other shoe and even does some foot stacking while wearing her socks.

After more toe-wiggling and some sexy close-ups Nadi removes her socks, starting with her left foot...

She leaves her bare foot out to allow me to get some nice close-ups of her toes and sole.

Nadi then moves on to her right foot, quickly removing her sock to get both of her white, pale feet out into the air.

Nadi wiggles her toes for you and I get more nice close-ups of the bottoms of her toes.

Nadi then spreads her toes wide for you and does some sole-wrinkling, quickly followed by more foot stacking to showcase her amazing arches.

Nadi then swaps out feet to leave every inch of her naked foot in plain site!

This is a sexy video from an amazing barefoot girl!

Check out these screen-caps...

Nadi is a fun and sexy girl... who has a HUGE foot fetish as well.

In fact, her girlfriend was really into the idea of Nadi showing off her sexy feet and soles to the world because she loves them so much.

If you like these previews, you are going to love the videos Nadi has on my site.

You can check out all her videos and full photosets here:


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