Thursday, November 12, 2009

CoxxAnn's Long Tree Toes!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is from the long and lanky CoxxAnn...

Check out the already barefoot CoxxAnn sitting under a large tree.

After some nice body shots I get some close-ups on her long toes.

CoxxAnn then puts her heels and toes together to show off the nice v-shape that her feet together make.

Then, after some foot rubbing and toe spreading, CoxxAnn touches her own feet with her hands.

Finally, CoxxAnn ends this sexy photoset with some sole-shots, showing off her slender and sexy bottoms of her feet...

If you love long toes, slender soles or red toenail polish, you are going to love this photoset from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Check out these previews...

CoxxAnn is a fun girl to shoot because she's got her OWN female foot fetish...

And what better model to show off her sexy bare feet than someone who loves girls feet as much as you do!

CoxxAnn has some naturally attractive feet that EVERYONE loves...

I should also mention that CoxxAnn has literally hundreds of photos on my site in addition to tons of sexy videos where she shows off her feet, rubs her feet together and sucks on her own feet!

Yes, CoxxAnn is pretty amazing and you can only find these sexy toes, soles and arches on place... It's here:

Talk to you soon,



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