Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orchids Tiny Toes at the Park!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the pretty Orchid sitting on a Merry-Go-Round in the park.

She is wearing a pair of cute purple shoes that really show off her tiny ankles and match her toenail polish perfectly...

Watch as Orchid reaches down and takes off her right shoe with her hand.

I then get directly in front of her and Orchid reaches down with her other hand and slowly removes her other shoe for you, leaving her completely barefoot and ready to share her sexy feet with you.

Orchid then leans back and shows off her slightly dirty soles and I get some nice close-ups.

Then, with her legs extended, Orchid scruntches up her feet for you, wrinkling up her soles and showing off her tight toes.

Orchid then puts her tiny feet together for a nice foot stacking pose for you to check out both of her arches at one time.

Then Orchid rubs her bare feet together, one on top of the other for you so that you can nicely savor the way her toes go across the tops of her bare feet.

Finally, to end this awesome set, Orchid then grips the handle of the Merry-Go-Round with her toes and I get some nice close-up shots of her tiny toes!

Enjoy this wonderful photoset from a very sexy and cute Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Here are some awesome previews!

Orchid is a model who loves to show off her body... and it wasn't until she came to model for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website that she realized how sexy her petite feet and tiny toes really were!

Yes, modeling for my site really opened up Orchid to being able to appreciate another level of beauty that, once you download this entire photoset, you'll understand.

You can get all of Orchid's full photosets and videos here:


Talk to you soon,



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