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Nature's Art: The Famale Foot

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Nature's Art: The Female Foot

Hey Foot Lover,

The amazing thing about female feet is that they are timeless...

Feet are literally nature's "art work".

Girls can change their hair-style, their clothes and even their shoes... but feet are a naturally beautiful and attractive gift to us foot lovers.

Today I wanted to explore this in a little more detail.

And get into who a Beautiful Barefoot Girl really is... and why they are that way.

Works of Nature's Art...

The female foot really is a beautiful work of art...

From the way that the heel is shaped nice and round to the way that the bottoms of a foot glide gracefully into the toes.

There are many different parts of the body that provide this grace, but nothing really does it like the female foot.

I also think that because girls feet vary so much in size, shape and form that it makes this work of art one of the most unique things that the human body has produced.

Granted, art can be "seasonsed to taste", certainly.

We all have our certain parts of the foot that we love over others.

The same goes for the way that feet are adorned...

Some folks really like things like jewelry on toes or anklets on ankles... some people really think that shoes make a very sexy look for feet, others like the natural-ness of bare feet, soles and toes.

And the cool thing is that there is nothing wrong with that!

In fact, I think it's cool that we all have different things that we enjoy about girls feet... it really makes us enjoy and embrace those soles and toes even more!

So, when it comes to WHAT the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website will show, there is some liberty with that... but the one thing that I am really 'strict' on is the type of girl who models her feet.

Not all models are Beautiful Barefoot Girls and not all girls with amazing feet can be a Beautiful Barefoot Girl... let me explain:

Who Are the Beautiful Barefoot Girls?

While female feet are wonderful, I've ran into many a girl who I would not want to shoot.

This doesn't mean that they are "bad", "unkind" or don't have good looking feet.

It just means that there is a certain "something" that it takes to model for my site.

A good example is this: Have you ever seen a girl on a site who is going to take off her socks and shoes for you, but she's kind of looking off into the distance or it seems like she doesn't care?

I know I have... and quite honestly, that kills the moment for me.

The way I feel about it is that bare feet are FUN... yes, it's sexy and very attractive too, but most of all it's fun...

And when a girl isn't absorbed into the moment, understands why we love feet and how MUCH we love girls feet, it just doesn't make sense to do a photoshoot with them.

So, by this time you're probably asking yourself: "What IS a Beautiful Barefoot Girl?"

And this is a good question...

Obviously having good feet is the first qualifier... and if her feet are unique in some way, like they are really big or really small, she's got big toes and slender soles or she has a funky color of toenail polish, this is even better!

But she has to understand.... and by understand is that she has to be "into it" and know that the way we are wired is that we find female feet to be attractive.

Even if she doesn't share this feeling with us, she has to at least KNOW that we are going to glorify her feet in a way that will make her a queen!

You know, another good observation is that those naturally attractive barefoot girls are always smiling... either that or cracking jokes and making you laugh.

It seems that true PedPurists, meaning women who enjoy their and other girls feet, are never too serious!

You know, these are the kind of girls you'd want to hang out with or the kind of girls you'd want to date.

And I can assure you that the girls who model their soles, toes and arches for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website are those kind of girls.

What do YOU think?

Do you like seeing 'happy girls' taking off their shoes and socks?

Or does that not matter so much?

I'd love to hear what you have to say...

You can write me directly at

Sharing Section...

Today's sharing section is from our latest model Melissa...

Watch as she sits in the warm grass and shows off her tiny feet.

Here she is pondering her cute feet...

How about getting a little closer?

You can't beat some foot stacking, showing off both her arches at the same time...

And, of course, the classic POSE with her super cute smile!

And that's why Melissa is a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

No matter what kind of "natural art" you enjoy, we all agree that female feet are pretty amazing.

And really, that's why I've created the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website.

I created the exact site that I knew you'd like... it's a safe place where you can freely embrace your love of female feet without being judged...

It's a secure site with a responsible hosting company, so you know that you're not going to get taken advantage of...

And most of all, it's a huge value - meaning that there is tons of pictures and videos that are ready for instant download!

Oh, I should also mention that there are articles and a place to "meet the models" too!

When you're ready to literally TURBO-BOOST your private collection of bare feet pictures and videos, you'll need to subscribe to my site.

To see what I mean, you'll need to check out my site for yourself...

Go here:

You'll be glad you did.

Talk to you soon,

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It can be about ANYTHING cool you want to share with me. I really want to build an internet community where female feet are enjoyed the way they SHOULD be!

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