Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ania's Amazing Soles and Toes from cute socks!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the super cute Ania, wearing a cowboy hat and some funky sneakers. 

She sits on a park picnic bench wearing both shoes and socks and is excited to get her feet out into the open air and show off her sexy feet! 

Ania slowly removes her feet from her shoes by taking her time untying her laces... 

She then brings her feet, still in her socks, to the bench. 

Ania KNOWS what you want... so she then quickly rips off her socks for you, to reveal her naturally attractive and sexy bare feet. 

She has some small tattoos on the tops of her feet that make her perfect peds quite unique! 

She then lifts up her heels to show off her super smooth and sexy soles. 

Ania then does some incredible foot stacking showing off both of her beautiful arches at the same time. 

Ania finally ends this awesome outdoor photoset with some sole wrinkling and toe spreading. Another great photoset from a Sexy Barefoot Girl!

Check out these previews...

Ania is a super fun girl to shoot... She is always smiling and looks like she is having a good time. 

And rightly so... Ania has some of the most natrually attractive and sexy feet I've seen.

Ania modeled several times before coming to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... but she's never emphasized her sexy feet.

Check out all of Ania's full photosets and videos here:

You'll be glad you did!

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