Friday, June 28, 2013

Kait's Cute Bare Feet in the Park... Close up Toes and Sexy Soles

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the lovely Kait enjoying a nice Summer day at the park.

She starts off wearing a pair of black leather sandals.

After she finds a comfortable place in the grass she lets you check out her cute and petite feet being cradled by her shoes.

She then slowly takes them off, one-by-one, for you starting with her left foot.

After both feet are out into the open air she lays them flat against the grass, letting you get a good look at the tops of her feet being surrounded by the green foliage.

Kait then slightly lifts her heels to show off her smooth soles and the bottoms of her toes.

She then lays on the grass and turns over, giving you a better vision of her perfect little feet.

This is a wonderful photoset from a truly Beautiful Barefoot Girl who loves showing off her sexy bare feet.

You can only get Kait's tiny toes and petite peds one place... it's here:

You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon!


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graysi's Cute Toes Get Restrained and Tickled in the Park!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is an awesome tickling video from the super cute Graysi.

After she quickly introduces herself she is tied to a park bench with some white rope and tape.

Our resident tickler quickly removes her black leather flats to reveal her super cute and petite bare feet.

Once her bare feet are out into the open he starts with some lotion, first rubbing the bottoms and starting to use his fingers to tickle her feet.

He then moved on to the tops of her tiny feet as she begins to laugh a little bit, eventually getting her into a frenzy.

She tries to get away and cannot because of the rope around her feet and ends up giggling even more.

She tries to temper this by placing one foot over the other, but that still does not relieve the tickle torture that she is enduring.

This is a fun and super sexy video of a very cute girl getting her perfect bare feet tickled.

There is only place you can get this video of some cute feet being tickled... it's here:

Check it out and get Grasyi's cute bare feet for you private collection.

Talk to you soon,


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Monday, June 10, 2013

FOOT STACKING the THE POSE in the PARK from Whit's cute Bare Feet!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the gorgeous Whit.

She is already barefoot and in the POSE, ready to share her healthy and attractive bare feet with you.

After some great toe-pointing, Whit rubs her feet together and the lays them down flat on the bench, showing off her curvy and smooth arches.

I then get some really great close-ups and Whit leans back, resting on her ankles as she wrinkles up her pretty soles for you.

She then switches positions and immediately puts her feet into a great foot-stacking position, showing off both of her bare soles at the same time! Whit then does some more cute toe-pointing.

This is a fun BAREFOOT ONLY photoset from a very attractive Beautiful Barefoot Girl.

You can only get Whit's pretty toes and sexy feet one place on the world wide web... it's here:

You'll be glad you did!


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Monday, June 03, 2013

Kristina's Sexy Barefoot Tickling Video... Ankles restrained and soles tickled!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the lovely Kristina.

She starts off this fun video barefoot with her ankles tied down securely to a park bench.

Our resident photographer rubs a little lotion on her long and healthy bare soles.

He then starts to slightly tickle between her toes and she laughs slightly.

Pretty soon he grabs a tie and starts to put it between her toes as he tickles her heels.

Kristina smiles and starts to laugh slightly, but you can tell she is holding back.

More fingers go between toes and she tries to pull away but she can't because she is tied down.

Her feet wrestle with his hands and she tries to shift away.

After a little tension and release she jumps when he takes a tie to the bottom of her toes!

This is a fun barefoot tickling video that you will enjoy.

For all of Kristina's sexy barefoot videos and photosets go here:

You'll be glad you did!


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