Monday, March 17, 2014

More of Winter Rose and her Sexy Little Toes... :)

In today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update, Winter Rose sits on the concrete stairs wearing her pair of black sneakers.

She then quickly unlaces her shoes and rips them off to reveal a pair of cute, green ankle socks.

She proceeds to peel off her socks and get her pale bare feet out into the open air.

After some nice close-ups of her smooth and sexy feet, Winter moves to the side... showing off her beautiful bare feet from another angle.

These side shots are very cute because they show off the shape of her naturally attractive bare feet.

This is a fun photoset from a girl who REALLY loves to be barefoot and share her feet with you. Check out these previews...

There is only one place you can get these wonderful petite bare feet...

It's here:


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