Monday, April 21, 2014

Winter's Slender Soles and Naturally Attractive Bare Feet

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the gorgeous Winter Rose, sitting in the sunshine on a spring morning wearing a pair of tan leather shoes.

She slowly removes her feet from her shoes to reveal that she isn't wearing any socks!

With her bare feet out into the warm Spring air, Winter gets excited to share her naturally attractive soles and toes with you.

She starts by laying her feet flat against the ground, letting you enjoy the tops of her feet and her red toenail polish. She then lifts up her feet to show off her smooth and slender soles.

She then crosses her feet at her ankles and shows off both arches at the same time.

Winter then scrunches up her soles to show off the wrinkles of her pretty bare feet.

This is a wonderful photoset from a gorgeous, petite Beautiful Barefoot Girl.

There is only one place to get Winter's sexy barefoot videos and photo sets... it's here:


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