Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ashley Shows Slender Soles at the Park!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the petite and sexy Ashley sitting in the park already barefoot and ready to share her slender soles and long toes with you!

Ashley starts off by showing off her smooth and sexy soles to you.

With her legs extended I get some nice shots of the bottoms of her sexy feet.

Ashley then lets her legs fall over the side of the structure she is sitting on and I get some nice top of feet shots and some nice close-ups of her toes.

Finally, I get underneath her and lay on the ground as she pushes her soles out and lets me some really sexy up-shots.

If you like those slender and healthy bare feet, you are going to love this photoset of a Beautiful Barefoot Girl.

Check out these previews...

Ashley is a professional model who is fun to shoot because she knows how to really work the camera.

Not only does this Beautiful Barefoot Girl have a fantastic and very sexy body, but her feet are very strong and healthy, making her one of the easiest girls I've ever shot for my site.

If you like those really petite feet, with tiny and long, slender toes, you are going to really dig this photoset.

You can check out Ashley and ALL of the Beautiful Barefoot Girls by going to my site.

It's here:




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