Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Fun Feet Feedback About Jessica!

Hey Foot Fans!

Even though we're between updates today, the kind words about Jessica keep coming in!

Jessica is the new gal who posed for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website this month... and boy, is she a hottie! If you haven't seen Jessica, check out the postings on this blog from the 12th and 14th!

Here's some more fan mail I got about this SUPER HOT gal:

"tommy -

i am impressed with Jessica. She is truely a pretty girl with some really nice feet. i want to see more... I really like her soles.

A from Kansas"

So, keep the fan mail coming in and get ready for tomorrow's AWESOME Update... it's the third and final update of Jessica's SMOKIN' SOLES... she lays on the ground and shoves her soles RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA! It's a very amazing photo set!

Talk to you soon,



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