Monday, April 10, 2006

Wrinkled Soles, Long Toes and More Julian Photos!

Hey Foot Fans!

I uploaded more photos of the "new girl" Julian to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website today. I also uploaded a new Newsletter... Click HERE to read it.

In the meantime, enjoy some SEXY foot pictures of Julian...

Check out her fantastic soles:

Just look at those wrinkles... It's SO SEXY the way she crinkles her long toes like that.. LOVE IT!

Now, check out the tops of her feet...

And, of course, the "triumphant" full body shot... tan bare feet on the red sofa... NICE!

Oh yeah, if you haven't clicked on those images you really should... they open into their full size... you can then save them and add them to your OWN female foot fetish collection!

I also have tons of previews, over 2300 ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE image on my main site... it's called Beautiful Barefoot Girls. Click HERE to check it out!

Talk to you soon,


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