Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beautiful Barefoot Betty is BACK!

Hey Foot Lovers!

Today was a bright and SUNNY day here.

And I got to take advantage of it!

I called Nancy this morning and asked her if she wanted to do a photo shoot... she said YES! We got some coffee and we were on our way!

So, coming VERY soon you get more of the Sexy Barefoot Nancy!! Be on the lookout for that update... It's killer!

* * * * *

In the meantime, here's today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update... It's the WONDERFUL Betty on a park bench... in this photo set she lets you check out each and every INCH of her bare feet... But first, check out this SMILE:

What a cutie... now check out some TOE-SPREADING!

If you dig Betty's bare feet you are going to love ALL the girls on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls...

Check them all out here:

You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,


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