Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday's Jamie Sandal and Bare Feet Video!

Happy Monday Foot Lovers -

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls website update is a
GREAT video from Jamie... one of our resident "Top

Watch Jamie walk across the floor and sit down on
the futon...

When she sits down she shows you her SEXY SANDALS...

She starts by removing those SEXY SANDALS with her
right foot and laying it flat on the coffee table...

Jamie then crosses her other foot over the other and
removes her OTHER sandal...

As she crosses her FRESHLY BARE FEET she shows her
soles and long toes, complete with some toe wiggling...

And then its on to some CLOSE-UPS of the bottoms of her
toes... and even close-ups of the tops of her toes, showing
her SEXY PINK toe-nail polish...

This is a HOT VIDEO from a SEXY, Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

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INSTANTLY TURBO-BOOST your personal female
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With over 61 videos, like the one described above, and
Beautiful Barefoot Girls is a website that offers a
tremendous amount of VALUE...

Its a SAFE, SECURE and above all PRIVATE site that
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for yourself!

Go here:

Talk to you soon,



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