Saturday, December 30, 2006

SEXY Rhiannon Shoe Removal Video!

Happy Saturday Female Foot Lovers -

Our new gal Rhiannon takes off her SEXY shoes in this video...

Watch as she removes each shoe with her hands, lays her bare
feet on the ground and lets me get CLOSE IN and check them

Then she wiggles her toes around and then puts her bare feet
on the couch, allowing me to get some GREAT shots of her soles!

And then I got MORE Close-Ups of the bottom of her toes!

Along with some cute face shots and more lovely toes, this is a
video for ALL the Rhiannon fans out there!

Also, I sent a Newsletter on Friday morning...

Check it out by clicking here...

I put in some MORE UNRELEASED Rhiannon pictures...

I also talk about four things that make bare feet special...

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Talk to you soon,



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