Sunday, May 27, 2007


Happy Sunday Foot Lovers -
Here is the BEAUTIFUL Jess starting off in THE POSE on the sofa...
As she swings her legs up and get some nice SOLE shots followed quickly by her crossing her legs at the ankle and get some GREAT shots of her FANTASTIC arch!
After some NICE close-ups, Jess sits up straight on the couch and lets me get some shots of her TOES and the tops of her feet...
Enjoy some SEXY pictures from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

I like to have the models on my website in many different poses...

I LOVE to have models pose so that you can see EVERY aspect of their bare feet... All the parts you LOVE, like soles, toes, arches and heels... all flowing together NATURALLY!

I also make each photo set feel like you're RIGHT THERE, alone with the model and able to enjoy her bare feet with privacy and anonymity...

In fact, I have well over 8300 ORIGINAL images that help you enjoy and embrace your female foot fetish... all available for immediate download and all for you to INSTANTLY enjoy!

When you're ready, go here and check it out for yourself:

Talk to you soon,


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