Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Jess Sandal Sofa Removal Photoset!

Good News Barefoot Female Fans...

Jess is BACK on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... and here she is in a GREAT flip-flop removal photo set.

Watch as she sits on the couch and slowly pulls her feet and toes from her checkered sandals. With her jeans rolled up half-way to her knees, her feet are hidden delights cradled in the soft plastic of her flip-flops...

After removing her feet she lays them down on the sofa and lets me take pictures of the top of her feet and her toes...

And remember that Jess is the girl with the cute tattoos on her feet... This is a GREAT set from a Ped Princess!

Enjoy these preview pics...

Jess is a cutie, huh??

She's like many of the girls who grace the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website, a completely NATURAL and very ATTRACTIVE girl who enjoys sharing her bare feet with you and LOVES being barefoot.

Jess has that amazing mixture of Cute and Sexy that I try to find when I am talking to a potential model.

So if you like Jess, you are going to love ALL the girls on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

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You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,


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