Friday, May 18, 2007

No One Can Resist Miko and Her Perfect Feet!

Happy Friday Foot Fans -
Who can resist MORE MIKO?? I know, I know... NO ONE!
Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls is another GREAT photoset from the SEXY Miko!
In this photoset Miko starts off on the massage table, showing the tops of her feet...
She then quickly pulls her feet up and lets you examine the SOLES of her previous feet... I mean, soles, arches, heels and the bottoms of her TOES! I then get behind her and take some GREAT Top of Feet shots while she rubs her bare feet together! This is followed by some nice BODY shots and some AMAZING CLOSE-UPS!
Another GREAT photoset from a WONDERFUL BAREFOOT GIRL!

Check out these RAD preview pictures...


She's got those GREAT, PETITE Feet that both GIRLS and GUYS adore!

She's a GREAT example of the kind of girls that grace the pages of the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... And quite honestly, the name says it all... these are BEAUTIFUL Barefoot Girls... who REALLY enjoy sharing their bare feet... and LOVE the fact that you love them!

My site has TONS of ORIGINAL photos and videos, all ready for IMMEDIATE download...

Check it out here:

Talk to you soon,


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